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Mark E. Watkins, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
Syracuse University, 215 Carnegie
Syracuse NY 13244-1150, USA
email: mewatkin@syr.edu
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Most recent publications:

#69. Infinite motion and 2-distinguishability of graphs and groups (with W. Imrich, S.M. Smith, and T.W. Tucker), J. Algebraic Combin. 41 (2015), 109 - 122.

#68. Bounding the distinguishing number of infinite graphs and permutation groups (with S.M. Smith). Elect. J. Combin. 21(3) (2014), #P3.40.

#67. Distinguishability of infinite groups and graphs (with S.M. Smith and T.W. Tucker), Elect. J. Combin. 19(2) (2012), #P27.

#66. Imprimitivity of locally finite, 1-ended, planar graphs (with Jozef Siran), Ars Mathematica Contemporanea 5 (2012), 213 - 217.

#65. Passage to Abstract Mathematics (with Jeffrey Meyer), Addison-Wesley, 2011, 231 pp.